Ghoto Gelo Khelar Mathey

Ghoto Goes To Play

ISBN: 978-93-5040-395-2

Published in 2014 by Ananda Publishers

‚ÄčThis book recounts the dreams of little Ghoto as he waits at the goalposts as a goalkeeper. During a busy soccer match Ghoto gets distracted by his own thoughts until he faces a ball at a very crucial moment in the match.

Chhotobelar Mamabari

My Childhood At My Grandpa's

ISBN: 81-7756-668-7

Published in 2007 by Ananda Publishers

The book is about the author's fun-filled days of vacation spent with her grandparents. It vividly upholds the simple pleasures of life without electronic games and television.

Ghotor Chokhe Ghum Nei

Ghoto Is Not Sleepy

ISBN: 978-93-5040-206-1

Published in 2013 by Ananda Publishers

The story is about a little boy who refuses to take his afternoon nap and looks around the house for sleep. Finally, sleep comes and places Ghoto under her spell..

Benaraser Rongin Chhelebela

The Colorful Childhood Days of Benaras

ISBN: 978-81-7756-849-3

Published in 2009 by Ananda Publishers

The book is about the carefree days that the author spent in her childhood in Benaras, the oldest city of India. The book is full of innocent anectodes in the backdrop of the sacred river Ganga.