And So It Begins...

When I was growing up, I was told that one simply had to have the talent to be a writer if he or she wanted to publish a book. In India, or for that matter, in the whole wide world that is what people think. I was no different. I worried and chewed off the end of pencils. My self esteem wondered if I had it in me or not. In our days, there were no erasers at the end of the pencils. So, chewing gave a nice woody taste that calmed me down. I wondered, and my confidence waxed and waned through the expectations and upheavals in the writing experience.

Until very recently. Then, I discovered the power of being in a support group and the power of training. Sure, you have to have the yearning and the passion for writing to the point that non-writing days make you depressed. The magic of transferring imagination to the pages of a book is quite another thing. The book that stands on the shelves of a bookstore and then into a kid's home needs structure in the process of its making. It needs your grit as an author and a dash of luck.

Exploring the publishing world on my own for a while held one reality right under my nose -- I needed help and guidance. Big time. That's when the SCBWI came to me. Or rather, I went to it. Slowly, it became the center of my training and dreaming. The non-fiction conference that I just returned from has equipped me with a boat and a sail. Experts in the field have shown me, through marvelous blog posts and presentations that it is possible to land a contract if I follow certain principles and processes along the path. I feel so thankful to have this guidance! I am beginning feel like a writer, and think like one, too! I will soon post pictures of the conference! I feel like I now  have a GPS leading me towards the destination of publishing. Thank you all who are working relentlessly to equip writers with the needed skills. As a befitting salute, I ought to become a published author in the near future!